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I love seeing the debates as to what houses they would be in. A good point is that we don’t know what they were like when they would have been sorted, only our growing up head canons. Therefore most seem to base sorting only on their personality portrayed by the show. Personally, I went for Ravenclaw!Britt and Slytherin!San but I would never tell anyone they were wrong for sorting them differently.

Ohh, good call. :] Yes, I think they can be justifiably placed in any house, really, it just would be based on how the writer choses to dictate that.

July 11, 2012
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  1. smallfrost said: Exactly. Which is why it always bothers me when people get pissy that an author decided to place them in a different house then what they wanted. Truth is we’ll never know so it’s our best guess. I do find it all very interesting though lol
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